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Mittwoch, 13. August 2014, 21:28


1. the name of the admin :Hanibal

2. your ingame name : [ISAF]WariatekPiratek

3. what he/she did : When i respawn as a pilot in heli, that admin kill me because they want fly with clanmate, funny. It's not first time... When he kill me i insult him, and he give me perm ban. Nice admins u have here, they can all, have in the ass players..

4. what server did it happen on : [Hero]-Gaming Siege of Shanghai | No Levolution!!!| 1600T
5. what time did it happen :

6. a screen shot of the battlelog message : Insult....

I do not want unban but do it something with that admin because doing crap on the server.


Samstag, 16. August 2014, 12:50

Hi WariatekPiratek. im sry for the insistent.
our admins shouldnt ban 1st without warning but problem is i dont know what you said. in rare cases i do allow ban be4 kick if the instult bad enough
i have unbanned you and hope to see you back on our server again. and im sry for the late answer