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Mittwoch, 6. April 2016, 03:34

Lose weight to kill people taking 4 kinds of diet pills two men suffering from u

Zheng Hong was diagnosed with chronic renal failure, uremia, renal hypertension. The kidney has been seriously damaged, must conduct regular hemodialysis treatment, and control of blood pressure, symptomatic treatment of anemia correction system.
Hanyang hospital kidney disease expert Professor Wang Yunyun introduction, weight-loss drugs generally divided appetite suppressants, increase energy consumption and drug control of gastrointestinal absorption of drugs three categories. Some side effects of weight loss drugs are often large, even can cause damage to the liver, kidney and heart valve.
< p > beauty guy to shape the "devil" figure, take 4 kinds of medicine reducing weight within two months, not only did not reach ideal effect, but suffering from uremia, after 10 months of dialysis, the guy finally decided to perform an operation of kidney transplantation.
< p > after nearly 10 months of blood dialysis treatment, although Zheng was in a stable condition, but considering he is still very young, to effect a radical cure and don't want to in the future by hemodialysis to sustain life, he decided to do a kidney transplant. A few days ago, is looking for a kidney.
28 year old man Zheng Hong (a pseudonym), who lives in Hanyang Unicorn Road, Hanyang is a shopping mall cosmetics salesman. Height 176cm, weight about 70kg, a sunny handsome appearance, Zheng Hong does not look fat, but because they care about the external image of the external, from August last year to take diet pills. As eager to lose weight, feel poor slimming effect, a short period of two months, for 4 kinds of diet pills. Then, I will feel stomach discomfort, loss of appetite, always retch. Then to Hanyang hospital.
; and now too many people because of life preferences, began to focus on appearance, some people even at any cost of weight loss.
diet kills 4 men for two months suffering from uremia
experts remind, diet pills can not eat, must use drug weight should take under the guidance of a doctor. In addition, eating not too sweet, too greasy, salty, protein intake is not excessive, so as not to increase the burden of liver and kidney, it may develop into chronic renal failure.